Rails girls berlin 4

Fake Rails Girls Berlin

this is an example app using the learnery engine, showing how the Rails Girls Berlin site could look on learnery


Learnery is a rails engine you can use to organize open learning events, like railsbridge, barcamps, user groups, meetups, hackathons.

You can easily deploy the app to heroku in a few simple steps.

This Site

Look at the URL of this site: http://learnery-staging-railsgirls.herokuapp.com/ is it the official demo site for learnery-railsgirls (this example app) using the learnery engine.

Do you see a differnt URL? Then this is some installation, and showing the default static pages that come with it.

This Theme

is inspired by the real railsgirl berlin site. please replace the logo if you are not holding a railsgirl event.

Try it now

You can downlod this example app from https://github.com/learnery/learnery-railsgirls, it uses the rails engine learnery from https://github.com/learnery/learnery